Life Recovery Services

As a Life Recovery Coach, Melissa will walk with you through a structured in depth biblical based twelve-step program using the materials of Life Recovery developed by Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop. The Life Recovery Bible, The Life Recovery Journey and The Life Recovery Workbook are needed to complete this 12 month journey of studyTwo monthly sessions are focused on each of the 12 steps with weekly structured lessons.   The Life Recovery approach addresses life struggles such as addictions, divorce, trauma and abuse. Learn more at and


Improving Social Skills and Social Thinking in Asperger’s

In addition to this, Melissa has done lots of work with Asperger’s population regarding social skills/social thinking, establishing safe environments and developing social skills. Melissa works to the best of her potential to improve their learning, advance their performance, and boost their quality of life. We believe in affirmation of the innate health and wellness in each of our clients. Our focus is on coaching our clients to create and sustain fulfilling lives.

Issues We Deal With: